Crossing the Bridge

Disney Ticket Packages

NOTE:  Park Hopper and Water Park options are currently unavailable due to COVID-19.  Starting January 1, 2021, a modified park hopper option will be available at Walt Disney World.

Special ticketed events have been cancelled throughout 2020.

Tickets to a Disney theme park can be a daunting task for first-time visitors, with many options available.  Understanding each of the options is important to make sure you maximize your time in the parks at the lowest possible price.

NOTE:  Park hopping and special ticketed events are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

How Tickets are Priced

Generally, tickets are priced as part of a ticket package.  The terms used to describe ticket types are as follows:

ANNUAL PASSPORT – Allows a single guest one (1) full year of admission into either a Disneyland and/or Walt Disney World resort theme park.   There are blackout days (typically during peak periods) in which Annual Passholders (APs) are NOT able to use their Annual Passports for admission.   Annual Passports come with a variety of options that have different rules and blackout periods.  There are also discounts available to Annual Passholders and other special benefits (such as a free Memory Maker package) that may make it beneficial for one person in your party to become an Annual Passholder to book your vacation package.

NOTE:  Premier Passports are being extended 30 days at time during the ongoing closure of Disneyland in Anaheim.  APs in this category can continue to make park reservations for Walt Disney World.

BASE TICKET – Base tickets allow the holder to access a single park for one operating day and are priced based on the time of year, with peak season tickets more expensive than off-peak tickets.  As a general rule, the more days purchased in a ticket package, the lower the cost per day will be.

PARK HOPPER – A Park Hopper add-on can be purchased in conjunction with a base ticket package that will allow ticket holders access to multiple theme parks in a single day.  In these cases, you MUST purchase the same number of base tickets as Park Hopper add-ons (i.e. if you buy a 5-day Base Ticket, you must buy a 5-day Park Hopper).

PARK HOPPER PLUS – Park Hopper Plus includes the same offer as a Park Hopper, along with an option to visit a water park, miniature golf course, the NBA Experience, and other attractions.  The number of times you can take advantage of those additional attractions is based on the number of days on your Park Hopper Plus.  For instance, if you book a 5-day Park Hopper Plus package, you are entitled to visit these attractions 5 times.

SPECIAL TICKETED EVENTS - Additionally, Disney theme parks offer a variety of special ticketed events throughout the year on certain operating days for early admission or after-hours admission into a specific theme park.  These tickets each have their own rules which allow for discounted admission after a certain time of day (i.e. EPCOT After 4) or after hours (such a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party).

How Do I Know What Ticket Package to Buy?

The best way to purchase a ticket package is determine what theme parks you want to visit, park hours, and the length of your stay.

For instance, if you are planning to visit Walt Disney World for 7 days, you will have 2 travel days (day one and day seven).  Depending on the time of your arrival and departure, you may not need tickets for 2 of those days.  If you are planning to attend an after-hours party, you may be able to use that ticket for your first day.  If you are planning a day away from the parks, you will be able to subtract a day.

Assuming a noon arrival time and a noon departure time, you could have itineraries that look like this:


Day One – After Hours Ticket

Days Two Through Six – 5 Day Park Hopper

Day Seven – No Ticket


Day One – EPCOT After 4 Ticket

Days Two Through Five – 4 Day Park Hopper Plus

Day Six - Blizzard Beach


Day One – After Hours Ticket

Days Two Through Four, Day Six – Day Park Hopper Ticket

Day Five – EPCOT After 4 Ticket

Guests can upgrade tickets by paying the difference in price but are unable to downgrade ticket packages. 

Determining an itinerary based on what your party wants to do while at a Disney Resort and travel plans will help to determine which ticket package best suits your needs.