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Disneyland Resort tickets come in a variety of package options.  At the current time, guests need to purchase tickets and make park reservations in advance of their visit for admission into their park(s) of choice.

How Tickets are Priced

Terms used to describe ticket types are as follows:

MAGIC KEYS – Allows a single guest one (1) full year of admission into Disneyland resort theme parks (subject to limitations).   There are blackout days (typically during peak periods) in which guests holding these packages are NOT able to use their Magic Key for admission.   

Magic Key ticketing packages come with a variety of options that have different rules and blackout periods.  There are also discounts available to Magic Key holders and other special benefits that may make it beneficial for one person in your party to become a Magic Key holder to book your vacation package.

ONE PARK PER DAY TICKET – One Park Per Day tickets allow the holder to access a single park for one operating day and are priced based on the time of year, with peak season tickets more expensive than off-peak tickets.  Generally, the more days you purchase in your ticket package, the lower the cost per day will be.

PARK HOPPER OPTION – Guests may also purchase a Park Hopper add-on with their base ticket package.  The Park Hopper option allows access to multiple theme parks in a single day.  In these cases, you MUST purchase the same number of base tickets as your Park Hopper add-ons (i.e. if you buy a 2-day Base Ticket, you must buy a 2-day Park Hopper).

Park Hopping is currently operating on a modified basis, Guests that wish to park hop must make a new park reservation prior to doing so.  A new park reservation cancels your original park reservation.

Disneyland Ticket Packages: About
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