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There are several safe ways to store and display your Disney Trading Pins beyond just keeping them on a lanyard.  Depending on preference and space, there is no limit to the creative storage solutions collectors have come up with.

The following are some common ways collectors have chosen to store and / or display their pins.

Cardboard / Foam Board

Although most commonly used with pins for trading (trader pins), some pin collectors use cardboard or foamboard to mount their pins.

The advantage to using these options is cost (relatively inexpensive) and they can be cut to any shape or size easily.  The drawback is that it often looks less visually appealing than other options.

As a result, pin traders who do not use pin books or pin binders, will often resort to cardboard for their storage needs.

Pin Boards

Many collectors store their pins on cork and synthetic material storage boards.  These boards vary in size and design and are as unique in some cases as those who collect pins. 

The advantage of pin boards is that it allows for easy access to pins and allows for their display on walls and shelves.

Pin Storage Binders

Pin storage binders are also a common way to store pins, particularly those on backer cards.

There are several options for storing pins in binders including the use of plastic storage sheets (usually baseball card sheets), and synthetic sheets like pin boards with reinforced holes to add the pages to your binder for pins without backer cards. 

The advantage of pin storage binders is that it allows them to be put on shelves for easy storage, and they can be sorted using dividers and other similar binder organization systems.  The one drawback to using binders is that the plastic sheets is that pins sometimes slip out of the binder and fall.  New innovations to the plastic sheet inserts is a fastener to prevent that issue, although that comes at a higher price per sheet.

Pin Storage Bags

There are several companies that sell pin storage bags.  These bags vary in price from about $20 to hundreds of dollars, based on size of the bag and construction materials.

Pin storage bags typically resemble laptop bags, with pages to stick your pins, with protector sheets between each page to reduce the risk of damage.  Newer versions of pin trading bags have included cross-body and backpack designs, some of which include clear windows to display pins.

The benefit of storage bags (and their common use) is to hold traders to transport back and forth from pin trading events or serious pin trading.  That said, it’s also not uncommon for these pin storage bags to be used for long-term storage.

Frames (Typically Using Shadowboxes)

Framing pins is also a popular way to store pins, with a variety of frame options available to choose from.

The most common way of framing pins (beyond purchasing a framed pin set directly from Disney) is to use a shadowbox. 

With shadowboxes, there is some work needed to cut and fit cork, Styrofoam, or other materials on which to mount your pin, but when finished they look beautiful and can be hung on a wall to display.  Some collectors also add lights to their shadowboxes to light their pins.

Another frame option is to purchase a bulletin board (typically used in office settings) with a glass door.  These types of bulletin boards come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased at most office supply retailers.

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