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What You Need to Know

Disney has very detailed, specific rules around clothing, especially dressing up as a character and visiting one of their parks.  However, that does not stop guests from getting creative and choosing an outfit that pay homage to a character without specifically dressing as them.  This phenomenon, known as Disneybounding, is very common around Disney parks around the world.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.  Colour Schemes

Many Disneybounders start by using the same colour palatte as the character.  For instance, you may wear yellow shoes and black pants and red shirt, with Mickey ears to represent the mouse himself or blues and purples for Stitch.

2.  Accessories Matching a Character

Choosing accessories to match those of a specific character is also popular.  For instance a wearing a bow for Minnie or a Wilderness Explorer hat for Russell in Up.

3.  Choose Similar Clothing Style

For some characters (particularly Star Wars), there are clothing styles that pay hommage to a particular character, film or TV series, such as Star Wars or High School Musical.  Finding a similar clothing style allows you to pay homage without direct replication.

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