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Before heading to a Disney resort, store, event, or theme park, it is important to understand the pin trading rules.

Below is a summary of the most important rules you will need to follow.  Note, that Cast Members are able to interpret the official rules to determine trading eligibility on all Cast Member lanyards and official pin trading boards.

Trading with Cast Members

When trading with Cast Members, the following rules apply:

Guests may trade up to two (2) Disney pins (must contain a Disney family of companies copyright, be in good condition, and unique to the Cast Member's lanyard, meaning the same pin must not appear on the Cast Member's lanyard) per Cast Member per day.

Should a Cast Member hand their lanyard to another Cast Member, Guests may trade up to two (2) pins with the new Cast Member off the same lanyard.

Guests may not touch the lanyard or pins on the lanyard of a Cast Member (and vice-versa) unless given permission to do so.

Cast Member's may not refuse a trade or require the guest to provide a specific pin as part of the pin trade, so long as the rules are being followed.  For instance, if a pin does not meet the rules for pin trading (such as missing a copyright)), the guest is attempting to trade a pin already on the lanyard of the Cast Member, or the number of allowable trades has been reached with that Cast Member, the trade may be refused.

Cast Members may also require a "blind trade" or the Guest to correctly answer a trivia question to show any "blind trade" pins.

In the case of a blind trade, a Guest may refuse the final trade at their own discretion (such as the pin is believed to be a scrapper or otherwise is not wanted).

Official Pin Board Trading Rules

Selected locations in Disney Parks and Disney Stores may have Pin Trading Board for guests to trade. 

Similar to Cast Member trades, each Guest is permitted to trade up to two (2) pins per day per pin trading board, as long as the pin being traded by the Guest meets the pin trading requirements (i.e. Disney copyright) and there is not an identical pin already on the board.

In some cases, Cast Members may require the Guest to complete a game (such as spinning a wheel or by picking a number) to narrow down the list of available pins to select.

In the case of a blind trade or through a pin trading game, a Guest may refuse the trade at their own discretion (such as the pin is believed to be a scrapper or otherwise is not wanted).

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