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Club 33 is a private club in Disney Parks.  Members of Club 33 pay a hefty initiation fee of  $25 000 for individuals ($40 000 corporate) and an annual fee of $12 000 to maintain membership in the exclusive club which offers them dining privileges in exclusive dining rooms at the resort of their membership, along with Premier Passport and access to extra magic hours, along with free parking.

Although this is a hefty membership fee to join Club 33, members also invitations to enjoy extremely exclusive events and exclusive Club 33 merchandise.

The original Club 33 was established at Disneyland in Anaheim in New Orleans Square, then expanded to other Disneyland resorts around the world.  Recently, Walt Disney World has been adding capacity to its Club 33 with additions in the Magic Kingdom and an entirely new building added to Animal Kingdom next to the Festival of the Lion King with an African theme.

Club 33: About
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