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Ride Time:  5 minutes

Audience:  Riders must be 40' (102 cm) or taller.  This is a thrill ride and those with health conditions or expecting mothers should not ride.  Follow the safety instructions for this ride for your own safety.

Lightning Lane:  Genie+ eligible Typically this attraction has long wait times.


Test Track simulates the testing performed on vehicles by General Motors (the attraction is sponsored by Chevrolet).  During the attraction, you will design a vehicle, then board an attraction vehicle for testing.  At the end, the ride vehicle shoots out of the main building and speeds around a slot track around the building for a thrill ride finish.

Once you exit the ride vehicle there are model cars and a walk through exhibit to return to the park.

This is a must-do at EPCOT and is well worth the wait to experience it.

Test Track: About
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