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Will Disneyland Re-Open in Anaheim?

The re-opening of Disneyland seems like one string of disappointments after another as we get hints of things happening for nothing to happen.

In the latest of hopeful signs, we're seeing more signage about social distancing going up, lights being tested, and indoor dining returning to Downtown Disney only to see the Candlelight Processional put on hiatus and reservations cancelled through September 26th at resort hotels.

The California Attractions and Parks Association is now the latest to join the calls to re-open Disneyland, citing the safe opening of theme parks in other states.

Will it happen? Yes, but we're likely still a ways off before that happens since it will likely occur in November.

Why? It eliminates Halloween from the parks in 2020. It's going to disappoint many to hear about the cancellation of Halloween from the parks in California but none of them will go through the expense of decorating them for such a short period of time. It also allows for refurbishment and Avengers campus work to go on without guests in the parks.

The most likely scenario is a November opening with festive decorations out welcoming back locals to celebrate the holidays.

We all need to have just a little more patience because Disneyland will be back in 2020. It is just going to take a little longer than we thought (and hoped it would)

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