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Why the DSSH Online Purchase System Needs to Replace MerchPass for Limited Release Items

If you've ever been through the pain of ordering on ShopDisney where you put items in the cart, only to be billed for items that aren't shipping, you understand the limitations of the Disney inventory system. This was allegedly replaced by MerchPass, which is only available to those living in the USA.

The truth is, the solution is much closer than we think. Disney should simply change over releases to the Queue-It system that is used by DSSH online purchasing and most recently for the 40th Anniversary Pin Event.

Although there seems to be hacks for Queue-It, with the biggest one being the JavaScript issue which seems to be resolved, it works. Disney has been using it and is familiar with the application from Denmark and it would make all of our lives easier, since it opens up the sale of Limited Release merchandise to everyone.

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