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Why Hasn't the Disney Dining Plan Returned?

As more opens and "crowds return" at Walt Disney World, you may be wondering why the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) hasn't returned.

The reason why is because of the marketing of the DDP to guests.

The benefit of the DDP is that you get to use it in so many dining establishments and with so many currently not open (or only open during the weekends), it would be hard to market its benefit to resort hotel guests.

The Disney Dining Plan itself is highly profitable for the company, since many guests cannot (or do not) eat and drink enough to cover its costs, so it is not a profitability question. Therefore, the reason why is simply the lower number of resort guests in comparison to the local guests make it expensive to offer and with so many dining options still closed or on reduced hours, it doesn't make sense.

With all of that said, expect the Disney Dining Plan to make a return. Depending on resort guest capacity, Disney may choose to offer it for a limited time during the holiday season, but most likely, it will make a return at some point mid-late 2021.

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