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Why GroupWatch Is a GREAT Thing

A little known, even less advertised feature has been added to Disney+ over the past few months around the world which is going to make it much more fun to watch some of our favourite Disney titles. It's called GroupWatch and here's what it does.

GroupWatch allows Disney+ subscribers to send invitations to family and friends who also subscribe to Disney+ to watch a specific title. Everyone watches the same movie or show at the same time and can send emojis to one another.

So why is this so great? Well, in these COVID-19 times where sometimes it isn't possible to see everyone (bubbles and restrictions and similar measures), GroupWatch brings families and friends together to enjoy something fun to watch.

And I'm sure it's going to be put to the test when The Mandalorian season 2 kicks off on Friday.

You can learn more about GroupWatch on our dedicated page under Disney+.

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