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Why Animal Kingdom is Such a Special Place...

Let's face it....Animal Kingdom was created as a half park, with plans for a Beastly Kingdom where Pandora now sits, a temporary Lion King show which is so popular, it became permanent, and a Dinorama area that was created as a temporary solution to a large area of the park with nothing in it.

However, despite its shortcomings on opening day, there is one thing that wasn't skimped on in the's safari and animal care. This was, and remains, world-class. We're reminded of this when we see a new birth (most recently a giraffe, aardvark, and white rhino) and we see the care that each animal is provided.

To see that care in action, watch an episode of the Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom. The dedication and love each Cast Member has for the animals under their care shows how much work and effort goes into keeping them active and safe.

Over the 20 years of Animal Kingdom, there have been changes to help complete the park with more shows, new attractions, and the addition of Pandora. This is slowly turning Animal Kingdom into a places guests want to go and spend their day. This park also represents some of the old tenets of Imagineering....inform AND entertain. That will not change.

This is what makes Disney's Animal Kingdom such a unique and special place.

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