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What's New in the Disney Store

With the fall in full swing, it's a special time of year for retailers, including the Disney Store, Christmaween. That's the season of new Halloween and Christmas merch.

Halloween merchandise is still in stock at the Disney store and is on sale. Items are priced to clear to make room for new Christmas ornaments, plush, and clothing.

There is a full set of limited edition anniversary merchandise, an amazing partners statue ornament and plushes, including a Stitch in a light-up Christmas sweater.

If that doesn't make it impossible to go and shop, there's also Disney Notes available that end today.

For those of you who don't know about Disney Notes, you spend $50 and receive a Disney Note to redeem starting tomorrow, October 5th, 2020. For each Disney Note you have, you can spend $50 and receive $25 off that purchase.

Disney Notes are a great offer and make it more affordable to get the merchandise you want, particularly as we get closer to Christmas.

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