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What a Week....

It has been quite the week for Disney.

The week was full of events for D23's Fantastic Worlds, the release of new merchandise tied to those events, the opening of Buena Vista Street in Disney's California Adventure to shopping and dining, the premiere of the Star Wars Lego Holiday Special on Disney+, the return of Park Hopping at Walt Disney World, and sadly, the lockdown of some cities in Canada which will mean the temporary closure of some Disney stores.

A week full of highs and lows, it is a bit of a microcosm of where we are in 2020. With record COVID-19 cases and the promising hope of a forthcoming vaccine, it's hard to get off the emotional roller coaster that we all seem to be on with the station barely in sight.

All of that out, we do know that there will be brighter days. The vaccine will ultimately be released for widespread vaccination that will help to alleviate the COVID-19 restrictions in place. Disney Stores will then be able to re-open, travel will resume, park capacity will increase, fireworks shows will resume, as will character greetings. We just need to be a little more patient for that day to come.

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