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Welcome Back Bob Iger!

It's been nearly a year since I've written a blog post, which is 100% on me. A big part of that is that Disney hasn't felt that magical. Retail stores closed with many tears shed among its cast members. D23 announcements seemed too blue sky with nothing concrete. Project cancellations, lack of corporate direction, and other negative things left me sad and not that excited about Disney.

Then came Aulani, which you'll be hearing about in an upcoming blog. Then something HUGE happened late Sunday night. Bob Chapek left his role as CEO of the Walt Disney Company and Bob Iger is returning. It's about time and for most Disney fans, it's the dawn of a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Now, Iger has his faults and it would be naive to expect changes immediately BUT, the company is in much better hands and he cares about the company and its cast members. He's taking over at the right time for the company that, admittedly, faced significant challenges during a global pandemic, and has failed to have a plan to return in an inspiring and thoughtful way.

So, what needs to happen from here? It's simple.

Bob Iger needs to build bridges with a demoralized fan base, and most importantly, the thousands of cast members that help keep to magic going. Then, Iger will need to set-up the company for a nostalgic and memorable 100th Anniversary. He'll need a plan for Walt Disney World as the company faces the headwinds from a Universal Studios park in 2025. Disneyland and Walt Disney World need much done on the maintenance front. He needs to deal with a media company that has definitely suffered since his original departure.

Today is definitely a new day for the Walt Disney Company. It's day one of what will be a 2-year plan in the minds of the Board of Directors. We will need to patient and change won't be overnight on many of the things we know and love that have suffered over the past few years.

What has changed though is a palpable, burning joy in the minds and hearts of Disney fans of a new day. That's a great start and now it's up to Bob Iger and his eventual successor to right the ship.

Have a magical day everyone!

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