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Thoughts on IP Additions to It's A Small World at WDW

With work underway and what appears to be the first character installation, there is much debate as to whether intellectual property (i.e. Disney characters) should be added to it's a small world.

Personally, I think it is a great idea as long as it is tasteful and appropriate to the show scenes. We need to all remember that Walt never intended to the parks to be a snapshot in time, but rather, believed they should change and evolve over time. He probably would have loved seeing his characters added to this attraction.

Important to remember with all of this is the notion that it must be tasteful and if we look at the addition of IP to other it's a small world attractions around the world, it has been. Maintaining that practice, as long as it doesn't fundamentally alter the ride itself (so, and I can't believe I'm saying this), that means keeping It's a Small World song and not replacing it with something else (say "Remember Me" from Coco) and the overall theme of global harmony needs to be at the heart of any intellectual property additions.

IP additions will add interest to the ride (spot the IP and IP easter eggs) and will add a new layer of depth that I personally think Walt would have led the charge to create.

Let's all just sit back and enjoy the happiest cruise on earth.

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