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The Future of FastPass+

We may have just got a little peek in the future of FastPass+ at Walt Disney World thanks to Remy's Ratatouille Adventure and the Disney Skyliner. Either the sign installation wasn't changed or FastPass+ is here to stay.

I must admit that it's a tough decision as to whether or not FastPass is a good thing. For those that love it, the ability to get in line (and a much shorter one at that) at a specific time and board an attraction vehicle or be first into a show for choice seating is a real benefit. For others, they question whether it is really a time saver or just causes longer delays artificially in the standby line.

Personally, I'm indifferent. It's fun to plan what attractions, advance dining reservations, and entertainment works best into a daily schedule (let's face it, Disney planning isn't going away any time soon) and then trying to snag last minute ones throughout the day is exhilarating. On the other hand, I'm not sure that the standby lines would be nearly so long if attraction vehicles weren't tied up with FastPass+ guests (and for new attractions, boarding groups seems to be the solution).

Either way, it's beginning to look like FastPass is here to stay in some form. What that is remains a mystery (and probably a blog post) for another day.

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