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Staying Positive....

There is lots of bad, bad news for Disney coming our way. Whether it's project cancellations or "pauses", the closure of Hong Kong Disneyland again, the continued closure of Disneyland in Anaheim (including on it's 65th Anniversary) and all of the rumours of what's actually going on behind the scenes.

It's rather frustrating, depressing, and other synonyms. That said, I think it's important that we look (realistically) at the positives.

First and foremost, we need to remember that during this global pandemic, the most important thing is to keep ourselves, and others healthy and COVID-19 free.

Second, Disney has got this (or more accurately, is doing their best under trying circumstances to keep things under control). Are there going to setbacks...YES! Will there be cuts to things we love, disappointments at things we were promised not happening...YES!

There is a BUT...and that is simply this....Disney is more than a park, or a movie, or a souvenir. It's a feeling, an emotional response, and a little voice in all of us hoping for happier days and a better world.

Disney will get through this (as we all must do the same). If we can't get into a store, or visit a park, or do things we want to do when we're there, it's only temporary. Let's all stay healthy, positive, and most importantly, patient for that day when a little more of the magic returns.

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