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Slow News Days and Thank Heavens for Disney Fans!!!

These days, it seems as though every day is a slow news day for Disney, unless it's negative at which point there is an abundance.

To be quite honest, that sucks. I didn't get into Disney blogging to write about controversies and battles between Disney and the government of the United States or China. Yet, it seems as though we've moved from new merchandise and park happenings to bad financials, mass layoffs, government battles, and even concentration camps.

So, writing daily blog posts is becoming a bit of challenge. Not wanting to write negatively about Disney happenings and balancing that with the recognition that glossing over the less magical news going on, there are many days where I think for hours about what to write about, including today.

So, I have found myself watching Youtube for more support than inspiration (although a little inspiration is always welcome). Two things happened and it reminded me of why I started this in the first place - some Canadian Disney content on YouTube and a note from a fellow Canadian Disneyphile.

Both of these experiences reminded me of how good Disney people are. We are all basically good people that strive for better. Disney brings out the best in us and that's what we need to celebrate.

Whether it's magic mail, online pin trading, or YouTube videos of our collections, what unites us all is our love of a mouse, duck, dog, blue alien pretending to be dog, mermaid, princess, hero, and sometimes even a villain or two, we genuinely care for our favourite character, ride, show, park, and most importantly one another.

So, that leaves me saddened at the fact our beloved Disney is more down than up, more dismal than delight, and messier than it is magical these days. But what unites us is how we care for one another. You see it with zaps in magic mail and the support and friendship we all share. I'm grateful for that.

We all need reminded now and then of what's important. The pandemic will eventually end. The travel restrictions will lift and people will return to Disney Parks around the world. Parades, fireworks, character meetings, and things will all love will return to normal.

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