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First and foremost, I love Disney and believe that those who work for the Walt Disney Company care about guests and the work they do. That said, there is a very BIG problem that the company needs to address…their website.

Being Thursday, it is online pin release day. Since limited release merchandise is now being released exclusively through the ShopDisney website, I logged in this morning to order some of the new releases. This was after numerous bloggers have complained about some of the issues plaguing the ShopDisney site and guests that upset, that Disney suspended Minnie: The Main Attraction releases (or so we thought).

On the UK Shop Disney website, I found June release items for Minnie: The Main Attraction which was allegedly suspended. It seems that it was suspended only in North America.

Then 10:00 EST rolled around, and I was able to order the pins I wanted. I was able to place all of them in my shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout. The site didn’t allow me to use my own personal account to log in (system bug #1) so I used the Guest Checkout. I entered in my information and submitted my order. Then a timeout occurred (system bug #2).

Knowing issues of guests being charged for items that weren’t ordered, I immediately logged into my online banking and checked. I was charged!

So, I checked for confirmation email (which I didn’t receive) and then called ShopDisney. The telephone number is long distance (long distance call #1) and the advertised number is out of service. I frantically wrote down the new number and called that one (long distance call #2). After waiting on hold (paying long distance fees) for 15 minutes, I got a disinterested Cast Member who couldn’t explain what happened except that the authorization is no guarantee I’ll receive the order, that the order wasn’t in fact placed, and that it would be removed in a few days (system bug #3). She had no answers as to why that happens or why it is reasonable for Disney to authorize charges for non-placed orders.

Disney internet-based technology has many issues. From their web storefront, to their applications, to their Magicband ordering site. In most cases, there is a fix. For this, the only fix is for Disney to actually FIX IT.

As Disney relies more and more on internet-based applications and websites (particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic), these issues need to be fixed. Let’s just hope that they work their magic for these fixes to happen so that the magic actually returns.

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