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REVIEW: New Disney+ Series on Animal Kingdom

The new Disney+ Series, the Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom is a reminder of the number of people it takes behind the scenes each day to keep the animals in Disney's care healthy and to make Kilimanjaro Safari, The Seas, and Animal Kingdom Lodge the unique places they are.

This series may not be everyone but for those that love animals and appreciate the work it takes to care for the animals at Walt Disney World, it's an amazing series.

My first experience with "Disney Nature" was at Discovery Island, the original zoological park at Walt Disney World. It was a place filled with a menagerie of relocated animals from other parts of the resort and some brought in. It was a fun trip to a mysterious island to get up close with animals and one of the most fun was during a bird show when the host had a parrot land on my mother.

Animals and Disney have always gone together. From films to theme parks and seeing behind the scenes, a streaming series is the next logical step.

If you have 40 minutes and want to see an amazing behind the scenes look at Walt Disney World, be sure to catch this new series.

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