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Pin Trading Returns to Disney Parks...BUT.....It's Going to Be Different

With Disney theme parks scheduled to begin re-opening next month in Anaheim, Orlando, and Paris, people are wondering about the future some of the more the popular things to do. Top of mind is pin trading.

Good news is that pin trading will continue to exist in the theme parks. It will, however, be limited to pin boards. Pin Trading Nights and the big pin event scheduled for August of this year are also to be determined. Releases are now held each Thursday on the ShopDisney website.

There are good things and bad with these changes being made to support the health and safety of Cast Members and guests and how this will work in practice remains to be seen.

Sadly, the change in pin trading at Disney will make it less accessible to trade for many. Limiting the number of places and people to pin trade with will be a really sad thing for those passionate about pin trading in the parks. It may also make finding Hidden Mickey pins harder to find.

On a positive note, fewer Cast Members pin trading could result in more knowledgeable Cast Members controlling the pin trading boards. This could mean that there will be fewer scrapper pins on the boards and could be the start of a clamp down on the fake pins in the parks, which benefits everyone.

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