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My Next Disney Parks Visit...

With no prospect of going to a Disney Park anytime soon, it's not stopped me from thinking about where I would consider going next.

So, after a bit of daydreaming, I've got a plan. Here it is (and why).

If anything close to an anniversary party happens in Walt Disney World, I'd ideally like to be there for the end of the resort's 50th and EPCOT's 40th. That said, we're still not sure what's happening with those plans so if that doesn't happen, it got me thinking about other parks around the world.

I first considered one of the Asia parks and ruled it out almost instantly. Why? I'm not sure of what will happen with Hong Kong and Shanghai. If I go to Asia, I want to visit all three resorts and with uncertainty about the political situation in China and Hong Kong, I'm ruling these out.

That leaves Anaheim and Paris.

I'm definitely torn on those parks BUT, if I had to pick, I'm leaning more towards Disneyland Paris. If Europe is able to get COVID-19 in check, I've been intrigued by the Disneyland Paris resort. With affordable places to stay on property (and presumably cheap flights in a bid to get people to resume travel), it may be a better time than ever before to consider a visit to Disneyland Paris is 2021.

Disneyland Paris has lots to offer and when you compare the prices to American parks, the difference (including airfare) in some cases in money is very little.

So, with that said, if you're planning a trip, look at ALL resorts around the world. You may be surprised at what Paris has to offer and how little it costs.

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