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My Experience Ordering DSSH Pins Online

Yesterday was my first experience ever ordering Disney Studio Store Hollywood pins through one of their online events. It was a positive experience overall and I learned quite a bit.

It was a surprise event and in an effort to be fully transparent, had no idea what to expect and didn't get the actual Limited Edition pins being released that day since I was 3000 people back in the queue.

This brings me to the first important early.

I found out about an hour after the event began and was too far back to really get the rainbow wave pins. That said, I was able to see Limited Edition pins and picked up a Mulan LE pin.

Lesson #2 is to be patient. Being 3000 people back in the virtual queue, it clearly took hours from joining the queue to check-out. They do constantly update you while in queue when LE pins are no longer available so you don't keep waiting for something out of stock.

You also must be organized and ready to order since you only have 15 minutes to shop. This is probably the most important takeaway from the process. Once you get into the online store, you have 15 minutes. It's a completely reasonable amount of time to shop since you are kept moving through the process. This means when you see the pin in the list you want, you have to order it immediately because there is no option to go back. For limited edition pins, there is a limit of 1 so you simply check the box beside the ones you want and for the open edition pins, you can purchase up to 10 by using a dropdown.

The cost of shipping my pins was $19.99 USD and the prices ranged from $6.95 to $19.99 USD per pin.

Overall, it was fun to do and is a much better option if you can do it than picking them up on the resale market, particularly in the case of open edition pins.

I've added a page on the website with information on ordering under the Pin Trading menu and will post any events I know about on the Disney Pin Traders board on the website.

Happy pin trading everyone!

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