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More Closures (and Things Not Happening)....

I have to be honest and say, that I'm hoping for good news to come out of the Disney universe soon as it seems that much of the information is a sign of the times and involves cutbacks.

Just 2 days ago it seemed likely that these closures would be coming (and to be honest, some are just being made official) but since that time, we've learned that Cherry Tree Lane and seemingly the Festival Center are both definitely not happening anytime in the near future at EPCOT, Rivers of Light and Primeval Whirl are gone from Animal Kingdom, and Stitch's Great Escape is permanently gone from the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, and there will be no official celebrations in Anaheim for Disneyland's 65th Anniversary.

In the movie world, it's clear that Mulan, whose premiere has now been delayed a 3rd time is also likely not going to be released anytime soon.

So, what does it all mean? The cuts have started and expect them to continue into the next few months as the company deals with an unprecented, unexpected loss of revenue in much of it's operations for months.

Disney (and their fans) are now in this for the long haul. There are going to be disappointments and for EPCOT, more paving over of space originally intended for something else. Depressing for sure.


As fans, we need to take comfort in knowing that although some of the things we wanted to keep are gone, some we wanted are delayed, and through it all, we have to be patient and let Disney heal and get on solid ground financially (much like many of us need to do with ourselves and our personal finances).

There will be a great big beautiful tomorrow. It may just take a little longer than we want it to be.

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