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Masks and the Future of the 50th

With the rising case counts in Florida and California, Disney has re-introduced masks for all guests indoors at Disney Parks in the United States as of July 30th.

What does this mean for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World and vacation package bookings?

My guess is that it will lead to some cancellations at the start of the celebrations and as case counts rise and fall, it is going to definitely impact the flow of guest bookings.

For Canadians still unable to travel to the United States for non-essential reasons, clearly there will be cancellations from their neighbours to the north and for Americans who want photos without masks and not interested in travelling during the periods of high case counts, it's going to cause serious second thought about waiting until 2022 to travel.

This could mean some good deals if room bookings plummet so it's worth being on the lookout for deals for those able and willing to visit.

All that said, with so much uncertainty, it's fair to say that time will tell what the future holds for the 50th and crowds over the next few months.

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