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Live Updates from the 2020 WDW Pin Event

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Check back here all day for live updates from the 2020 Walt Disney World virtual pin event:

5:522 PM EST - This year's event is officially over. What a great event!

11:20 AM EST - The theme for the 2021 pin event is Disney's Heroes vs. Villains: An Epic Showdown.

10:30 AM EST - The theme for next year's event will be released during the 11:00 session.

9:30 AM EST - Logged in for Day Two!

5:29 PM EST - The first day has officially ended. Check out my wrap-up video on Youtube.

2:50 PM EST - The History of Pin Trading session was incredible. I hope it is made public.

12:30 PM EST - There was a huge drop of pin previews for all North American parks.

10:13 AM EST - Disneyland Paris on demand released with pin previews.

9:59 AM EST - First Session (Welcome) is about to start.

9:17 AM EST - Got into the Last Chance Store. Limit of 1 on everything.

9:04 AM EST - #37 in the Last Chance Store virtual queue.

7:30 AM EST - Just logged in an earning my first badges of the day.

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