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Fall Fun at WDW Officially Kicks Off Today

Although we've seen much of the food offerings and the halloween merchandise on the shelves, today is the official start of the fall season in the Magic Kingdom, with decorations lining Town Square and Main Street USA.

There is something special about seeing these seasonal decorations and they will provide a sense of normalcy in what has been anything but normal in 2020 at Disney Parks. Since many (if not all) of the decorations are re-used each year, they'll be out in full and will provide a much needed change in the park to attract guests to pay a visit to see them.

Despite the fact, I'm unable to make a trip down this year, it's nice to see that Disney is going to continue to make these small, but important, actions to keep traditions alive and bring joy to their guests and Cast Members alike.

To see this fall's unique seasonal offerings, click here.

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