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EPCOT Fireworks Testing Tonight

Before any of us get excited, it's important to remember that Disney's announcement that fireworks are going be tested tonight at EPCOT doesn't mean that we're getting fireworks back imminently at Walt Disney World. We can't read anything into this announcement other than they are testing equipment.

That out of the way, how amazing is it that fireworks will once again fill the skies of EPCOT (even if we can't be there and it is just a test)?

So, why are they doing this if there are no fireworks? Well, I'm sure it's all related to federal regulations on the construction and maintenance of equipment that launch the fireworks.

HarmonioUS is well on its way to being built out, with work having been done around the World Showcase lagoon and the EPCOT harbour behind the Refreshment Outpost bustling with crews building out the barges that will launch the fireworks.

Walt Disney World has a considerable investment made in pyrotechnics and with the prolonged postponement of nighttime shows, we'll likely see more testing as HarmonioUS construction continues and they test the show components, and in other parks as they maintain the equipment and launch any fireworks that require disposal.

In any case, it's nice to know that there will be fireworks in the parks even if we aren't there to enjoy them. With any luck, Disney will send a camera crew and we'll get to see them on a Disney YouTube Channel or Disney+.

Image by Robert Geisler from Pixabay

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