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Disneyland Re-Opening Delay is a Sign of the Times

Yesterday, Disneyland's re-opening day was postponed to a later date, essentially keeping the resort closed beyond it's 65th anniversary in Anaheim.

The reason for the postponement was the delay in receiving approval to re-open by by the government, which isn't going to make a final decision until early July, leaving an inadequate amount of time to get the parks ready for guests.

This is a sign of the times we're living in. Re-opening the parks safely will involve time, caution, and patience. That's why they are taking weeks to re-start and making sure that the things needed to be in-place are there and tested before the first guests arrive, and those requirements may change as the number of cases and transmission patterns evolve.

There is no guarantee that the parks will open or remain open for that matter. Just know this, Disney does not want anyone to go to one of their resorts and get infected, which is why these baby steps seem to be so small and not very steady at that.

With cases spiking in several US states, including Florida, it's important to remember Mickey's concern for our health and that resorts may open and close, then re-open again if that's what needs to happen to keep people safe, including Walt Disney World and any of the other parks around the world.

So, let's cut them a little slack and make sure we all stay safe, thinking of the day when this will all be over and we can enjoy the parks, fireworks, parades, and attractions.

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