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Disney's Reservation System Thoughts...

With the recent issues with the Shop Disney website, the challenges with the My Disney Experience, and now a new reservation system here, it's worth reflecting on.

The new reservation system allows guests with valid theme park admission (Annual Passport or existing tickets) to reserve one of the spots available under reduced capacity to visit the parks. The purpose is to manage crowds in each of the parks (there is no park hopping available at this time) to meet the public health limitations set for each.

This is likely going to work, although some may be very upset if they don't get the parks they want every day, especially locals who want to visit the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios more than EPCOT or Animal Kingdom (both of which are among my favourites).

Annual Passholders may get upset if there are limitations on popular parks with those holding resort reservations having first choice, but those issues will gradually work their way out.

With similar functionality used for the opening of Galaxy's Edge and the Rise of the Resistance, it's likely many of the bugs will have been worked out, especially once the first rush on reservations is over.

The question will be how flexible the system will be, especially with so many park bloggers wanting to adjust their days to correspond to new things happening in the parks each day. For instance, if a popular blogger has reservations for EPCOT and a new snack is released at the Magic Kingdom, will they be able to change their reservations?

For resort guests, will enough spots be left open to allow for reservations in the parks they want to visit? Their are a few parks (specifically EPCOT and Animal Kingdom) which are no longer all-day parks, with the reduction in entertainment available (remember, entertainment reductions occurred prior to the closure and characters are going to be seen in processions and parades), along with reduced crowding in lines. There are going to be guests that will not be happy if they get more reservations at these parks than they wanted (or no reservation at all).

So, for those making reservations, it will be important to pack your patience and understand that this will be a change to how we plan visits in the short-term.

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