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D23 Fantastic Worlds Celebration - What to Expect

D23 has released a schedule for a week-long virtual event (November 16-20, 2020).

Many of the activities will be open to anyone, including events and exclusive merchandise releases, with a handful of festivities reserved for D23 Gold Members.

Perhaps the most interesting day will be on Thursday November 19th which is dedicated to the Walt Disney World Resort. The events include an event on the overall resort and one dedicated to EPCOT. With the 50th Anniversary of the resort next year and promises in 2019 at the biennial D23 convention that more information would be released at this year's cancelled Destination D event, there will likely be information released on the activities planned to celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th. The second event, exclusively on EPCOT will talk about the transformation of the park, and rumours are circulating that an opening date for Remy's Ratatouille Adventure may be released. Both of these events will be available to anyone to watch on the D23 website, YouTube, and Facebook.

To view the full schedule of events, visit the Fantastic World's Celebration page. As information is released, it will also be published on our website.

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