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And now...Good News!

It seems as though much of the Disney news lately has been rather negative. However, there is finally some good news that I think worth noting!

MLS Completes Tournament Safely

With Portland winning the MLS soccer tournament without significant COVID-19 impacts to the tournament itself, Disney has demonstrated that the Walt Disney World Resort is a safe, usable place to hold major sports during the pandemic. With the NBA also underway with no significant COVID-19 impacts, it's a great way for Disney to generate revenue and for sports fans to continue to cheer on their favourite teams.

EPCOT Overhaul Continues

Let's face it, EPCOT is a complete mess right now with many construction projects announced or underway when the parks closed. With the parks re-opening and capital expenditure budgets slashed, many of us are worried about the overhaul project.

That said, we are starting to see some real progress on projects that many of us are very interested in seeing completed.

Work on the France pavilion expansion is still well underway, with more and more seemingly nearing completion (at least based on what little we can see from the Skyliner).

The lucite structures have been seen in place at the front entrance fountain, restoring the fountain to it's original glory.

And of course, work continues on the Play! Pavilion and Guardians of the Galaxy coaster in Future World.

All of these are desperately needed in a park that was basically gutted as part of an aggressive re-imagining of the park just before the shutdown. Having more of the spine project take shape and new attractions start opening will help with generating more interest in the park.

All in all, it's definitely a great feeling to start being able to report on positive things happening in what is a difficult time for us all.

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