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NOTE:  Some activities are currently unavailable in this pavilion.  The ownership of this pavilion is transferring to Disney.  Stay tuned for further updates.

The Morocco pavilion feels like a bazaar and was decorated with mosaics laid by artisans from the country sent to EPCOT by King Hassan II.


Jasmine Meet and Greet - Not available

Shopping and Dining

Brass Bazaar

​Casablanca Carpets

Outdoor Bazaar

Medina Arts

Restaurant Marrakesh - Not available


Spice Road Table

Tangierine Cafe

Tangier Trades

On September 9, 2020, Disney made a legal filing against the operators of some of the dining and shopping at this pavilion (Marrakesh Restaurants LLC).  As a result, the future is currently uncertain for some of the offerings in this pavilion.

Morocco: About
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