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What's in the Disney Store (Upper Canada Mall) in March 2021

This weekend, I made a special trip to the Disney Store inside Upper Canada Mall to see what was in-store. As expected, there was some great deals to be found and very little in the way of new merchandise.

There were some great deals on Christmas ornaments and merchandise, along with older face mask designs starting at just $1.99 for Christmas ones and $4.00 for others.

As far as new merchandise goes, there was some, although much of the new limited edition items either going fast or already long gone.

For example, the Rapunzel Castle Collection pin was sold out, as was the January Stitch Crashes merchandise.

Items that they were still waiting on includedthe February Stitch Crashes pins and the binder for the series, although the February plush was in-stock. They had some Disney Canada merchandise (plush and spirit jersey) which were going fast and some of the Mickey and MInnie Valentine's Day dolls available.

There were long lines (it was the weekend) and much of the merchandise was the same as it was when the stores closed (although moved around), the sales were for items they were clearly trying to clear out, with the more popular items (i.e. Mandalorian) still at full price.

All in all, it's worth checking out if you can do it safely to see what's in store.

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