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Keeping Things Disney....

It's the end of July and for Canadians, it means another month (and in fairness, probably MUCH MORE than a month) of no unnecessary border crossings into the US. That will mean another month (and probably more) of no trips to a Disney park.

That said, many of us are finding it hard to keep things "Disney" in our lives.

So, here is a great way to get a little more Disney in your life. Some cost money, some don't.


Go back in (or subscribe to) Disney+ and watch a few of your favourite movies. New this month will be the Muppets Live show which is definitely high on my list.

Go to the Disney Store

A trip to the Disney store definitely helps bring a little more Disney into your life. Even if you don't buy a thing (although there are great sales on now that may be hard to resist), a trip to your closest store will definitely help you get your needed fix.

Take on a Disney Home Project

If you're like me you have LOTS of Disney merchandise in your life. Take this opportunity to organize your Disney Pin collection, create a new display, or other similar projects with the stuff you have and make it a little more organized and in plain sight.

Watch Videos / Learn More About the Disney Company

Take this opportunity to watch some YouTube videos or read a book/research online about your favourite attractions or company history. The internet is full of information on the Disney company and you'll be more knowledgeable about your favourite things.

So there you have it. Here's 4 things to do in August to get you in a Disney state of mind.

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