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It's Time for the Food and Wine Festival...Although I Thought That Was July?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

September 1st is officially the end of the Flower and Garden portion of the Taste of EPCOT Festival this year and the start of the Food and Wine portion. Although it's supposedly a mash-up of the two, clearly EPCOT is making a distinction that was vaguely referenced when the Taste of EPCOT was officially announced.

What does that mean for the festival? Not much for most guests other than the Food and Wine Fest lovers (whose umbrella I proudly tend to fall under).

For those of us who have been going to EPCOT since the beginning (i.e. the early 1980s), EPCOT is a bit of a sore spot. We've seen it slowly deteriorate from it's original glory to a Future World that is unrecognizable (and most of which is unusable at the moment). One thing has remained the same for much of it's history...the Food and Wine Festival.

So, although EPCOT (old and "reimagined") is not what we've expected to see at this point, and 2020 is probably the strangest year in Disney Parks history, it's still nice to know that the Food and Wine Festival gets its spotlight. It hurts to think about what 2020 shaped up to be in January and where we are today in September BUT...

Seeing the lucite pylons shimmering in the Orlando sun, new Figment merchandise hitting the Food and Wine Festival shelves beside Remy and Mickey/Minnie merchandise, and food booths reminding us of the past (and future) of the Food and Wine Festival, at least brings hope for the future for a very depleted EPCOT that deserves the greatness and future-forward promise it makes to those who pass through its gates.

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