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Is Disney+ Worth It?

It’s been a few weeks now since the launch of Disney+ and now it’s time to review it.

Is Disney+ worth it? YES!!

Besides the amazing Star Wars series, The Mandalorian (who doesn’t love Baby Yoda?), there are a few other special shows that makes the $90 a year worth it:

Walt Disney Imagineering: Originally slated to be a full-length movie, it was expanded into a six-episode series that covers the history of WDI, from Walt’s early days through to the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Although it may not be for everyone, those interested in the history of the development of Disney Parks around the world are in for a special treat with rare footage of the parks and insights from legendary Imagineers to animate the development of the parks around the world.

A Day in the Life: This documentary tracks a day in the life of Disney employees from across the company and gives insights into what it is like to be a cast member (albeit sanitized).

Disney Classics: With so many of the archival classics available on demand (including Steamboat Willie), it’s an amazing experience to start at the beginning and work your way up to modern-day animation.

Disney Vault: Access to the Disney vault on demand from anywhere with an internet connection is super-convenient. I’ve found myself re-watching some of the classics and have saved quite a few more on my watchlist.

If there is one complaint about the service, it’s the National Geographic part. There isn’t much there.

Now that many of the originals at launch are now out there for your viewing pleasure, the real challenge now will be to continue the momentum. If it takes multiple months for new series to hit consumer devices, there may be an exodus from the ranks of Disney+ membership. That said, if new series that help to replace the screen time for The Mandalorian and some of the other series that have now run their course, it’s going to continue to grow in membership and popularity.

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