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Disneyland Re-Opening April 30th to California Residents

With the re-opening of Disneyland scheduled for April 30th, it will be both exciting to see a return of guests and interesting to see how they feel on that return.

It is clear that a large group of Disneyland fans will want to make their way back into Disneyland (especially) and California Adventure for the attractions, and they'll be willing to pay the entrance ticket fees to do so. It will give us all a chance (through California residents permitted to visit) to see the changes and additions to the parks and what Disneyland has to offer after a long hiatus.

The question will be what happens after the visit. For those who have been to a Touch of Disney to get back inside California Adventure and a park reservation for Disneyland after its re-opening, will people be willing to continue to pay as you play with the end of the Annual Passholder (AP) program. Only time will tell.

In any case, it's nice to see this little bit of Disney return to those lucky enough to experience it.

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