NOTE:  During the phased re-opening of Disney parks, space for guests is restricted on each coach to allow for social distancing.  This may cause delays when using Disney's Magical Express.

The service will permanently retire operations at the end of 2021.

For guests staying at a Disney resort hotel, return transfers to Walt Disney World from Orlando International Airport are available on Disney’s Magical Express at no cost, if booked in advance.  Typically booking will occur when you book your stay at a Disney resort either by yourself (online reservations) the Walt Disney Travel Company (when you call 1-407-W-DISNEY), or through a travel agent (you may want to tell them to book the Magical Express for your transfers to and from Orlando International Airport).

To take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express, you must pre-book your spot on Disney’s Magical Express and you will receive luggage tags and tickets prior to your trip.  If you have a MagicBand, you will need to wear that when you approach the Disney Magical Express check-in as your reservation will be tied to your MagicBand.

On the day before you leave, you will receive a note from Disney’s Magical Express in your resort hotel room with the time you will need to catch the return transfer to the airport.  You will need to be on-time as the bus will NOT wait for you, leaving you scrambling to make alternative transportation arrangements to get to Orlando International Airport.

There are advantages and disadvantages with taking the Magical Express that you will need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to use it. 


  • Free to Use.  Guests staying a Disney resort hotel can use the Magical Express at no cost, which can result in a significant cost saving (it can be expensive to get to and from Walt Disney World from the airport).

  • No Need to Wait for Your Luggage.  For those arriving between 5;00 AM and 10:00 PM local time, you will not need to go to the baggage claim to pick -up your luggage (unless you choose to do so) as they will be collected on your behalf and taken to your resort, so that you can get on the bus and get to Walt Disney World as soon as possible to start your vacation.  You will need to have your Disney Magical Express luggage tags that are sent by mail to you on each bag to take advantage of this service.  If you arrive outside of the core hours of operation, you will need to pick up your bags from baggage claim and then proceed to the Disney Magical Express check in.

  • No Need for a Rental Car or to Drive in Traffic.  Traffic is often heavy on the interstate system leading to Walt Disney World.  With Disney’s Magical Express, you can sit back, relax while you watch in-vehicle entertainment on your transfer from the airport to the front-door of your resort.

  • Selected Airlines Have Resort Airline Check-In Service.  For guests travelling on American, Alaska Airlines, domestic Delta flights, JetBlue, Southwest, or United, you can check-in and receive your boarding passes right at your hotel.  If you are able to take advantage of this service, any baggage fees must be paid before checking-in your bags at the Resort Airline Check-In Desk.


  • You May Need to Wait for Seating on Your Resort Bus.  During peak times each day, and especially during peak times at Walt Disney World, you may find yourself in a line waiting for seats available on a bus to get your to your resort.

  • Buses Can Be Busy.  The Magical Express will get busy during peak times and as a result, you may find yourself on a crowded bus with all available seats in use when you head to Walt Disney World, and it may also stop at several resorts along the way, which can take some additional time.

  • Your Return to the Airport is Set by Disney’s Magical Express.  On the day before you depart, you will receive a letter telling you when to be at the pick-up location at your resort to catch your return transfer to Orlando International Airport.  You will need to be there on time and ready to go as they will not wait for you.  Typically, the departure time set for you to return to the airport from your hotel is 3 hours (domestic) and 4 hours (international) before your scheduled departure time.  This can be particularly inconvenient if there are flight delays.